About The App

TapIt Social is the hottest new app out there for iPhone and Android. This app brings the Online world and the Offline world together by showing you “who” is around you, no matter where you are, and allowing you to safely Chat with that person, all without knowing their real name or phone number. It also allows you to chat with people no matter what smart-phone they are using.

Want to Chat with that cute girl over by the bar, but a little nervous about how to approach her? Use TapIt Social to break the ice and introduce yourself.

It’s easy…

Get the App

The app is completely free even with full functionality, so download it for your phone from either the iPhone App Store or the Android Marketplace.

Your Profile

Once the app is installed on your phone you need to create an account by entering either an email address or your cell number. Create a password and you are in. You can pick a Display Name (so as to protect your own identity) and then fill in a few details about yourself so that others will be interested to Chat with you. It’s easy, just tell the app what your gender is, your age (more or less), add some photos and pick one to be your current Display Image. There is an “About Me” section that can be as long, or as short as you desire.

Note: to add these items, just “click” on each one to open the edit screen.

Near Me

The heart of the app is the “Near Me” screen which shows you everyone else who has the app and is “near” you. People are displayed by proximity so the people closest to you are displayed at the top and you can scroll down to see others. When you receive a message from someone, that user will be displayed at the top. Small badges will be placed on people’s photographs to indicate to you how many messages you have from each person.

If you click on a person’s Photo in the Near Me screen, you will be taken into that person’s profile, where you can learn a little more about them and see additional photos if they have added more.
If you click elsewhere on the person’s information on the Near Me screen you will be taken into a Chat screen with that person.


Use settings to fine tune who you see displayed on the app. You can choose proximity, gender, age and most important, you can choose to see people who are online currently or recently. If you want you can choose to see everyone.

Tapping In

One of the COOLEST functions of the app is the ability to “Tap In” on our map in order to let people know where you are. Join our #redpinrevolution by Tapping In, showing where you are at and seeing where everyone else is. Now when you want to plan your night out, just Tap In to TapIt Social, check out where all the red pins are and zoom in to see “who” is “where”.

Note: You can Tap In on the app and tell it to “Follow You Around” so that your location is continuously updated, or you can Tap In to only one location. If necessary you can also “Tap Out” so that no one can see you on the map.


As mentioned above, you can “Tap Out” at anytime so that people cannot see your location. That is one of the many safety features of TapIt Social. We also provide the ability for each user to “Block” other users in the event of harassment or annoyance. Simply go to that person’s Profile and click “Block” – you will no longer see or hear from them and they will no longer “see” you. To “Unblock” someone simply go to the “Block” item on the bottom Menu Grill, choose who you wish to Unblock, and click that person’s name.

A very important safety feature of TapIt Social is your own protection of your identity. You have the ability to NOT provide your real name, and NEVER give out any personal contact information unless the person you are providing it to is “Known & Trusted” by you.